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Aug 072012

Cort AndersonResearch Assistant Professor of Conservation Genetics
Laboratory Manager
Laboratory for Ecological, Evolutionary, and Conservation Genetics
Wildlife Resources
CRISSP Co-Director


(208) 885-8914


Dr. Cort Anderson received a BA in Biology from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Biology from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. Cort’s research is focused on molecular genetics and evolution specific to conservation and invasion biology. He is the manager for the Laboratory for Conservation and Ecological Genetics where he provides assistance and advice to students and faculty. more info

CRISSP Classes

Invasion Biology


Aquatic Invasive Species Taskforce
Idaho Invasive Species Council

 August 7, 2012
Aug 082012

Mark SchwarzlaenderAssociate Professor for Entmology
Plant, Soil, and Entomological Sciences
CRISSP Co-Director

(2o8) 885-9319


Dr. Mark Schwarzlaender received a MS and PhD in Biology from the University of Kiel in Germany. Mark conducts research on biological control of weeds, insect-plant interactions, quantitative impact of specialist herbivore insect species on individual host plant and host plant population level, combined influence of insect herbivore and plant competition on weeds as part of integrated weed management strategies, and non-target effects of biological control agents. Areas of expertise include host-specificity evaluation and bionomics of herbivore insects, and foreign exploration for biological control agents for weeds. more info

 August 8, 2012