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Aug 082012

Dale GobleMargaret Wilson Schminke Distinguished Professor of Law
(208) 885-7976


Dr. Dale Goble received a AB in philosophy from Columbia University and a JD from the University of Oregon. Professor Goble teaches natural resource law (including public land law and wildlife law), natural resource history, and torts. He has published numerous articles and essays and is the co-author of three books focusing on wildlife law. Since 2001, he has been an organizer of a multidisciplinary, multi-interest evaluation of the Endangered Species Act.

CRISSP Research

The most recent project related to CRISSP is the ESA @ 30 Project which is a multidisciplinary project with scientists, economists, policy analysts, and lawyers from different Universities to analyze and help interpret what recovery means in the Endangered Species Act so that the overarching goal of “conserving species” is achieved. The ESA @ 30 Project has entailed two national conferences, nearly a dozen smaller workshops, and a series of Regional Directors of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Nature Conservancy-Smith Fellows, and the Western Association of Fish and Game Administrators.

CRISSP Related Classes

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Law 937: Natural Resources Law and Legal History

 August 8, 2012