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Aug 082012

John "Jack" SullivanAssociate Professor of Systematic Biology
Biological Sciences

(208) 885-9049



Dr. “Jack” Sullivan received a PhD from the University of Conneticut. Jack’s research is focused on theoretical systematics and empirical rodent systematics. The three current major research foci in his lab are:

  • The application of decision theory to phylogeny estimation.
  • Ecosystem evolution, with particular emphasis on the mesic forest ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Testing divergence with gene flow in speciation of western chipmunks (Tamias).

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CRISSP Research

The centrality of evolutionary biology to all aspects of life sciences, including ecology and conservation, has never been clearer. My research program integrates empirical and theoretic studies in several sub disciplines within evolutionary biology. This approach is synergistic; my research in phylogenetic theory greatly enhances my empirical research, whereas my empirical research focuses my theory research toward practical solutions to difficult problems in phylogeny estimation. Furthermore, this focus on both empirical and theoretical research encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, which I find extremely rewarding and which is central to my research.

 August 8, 2012