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Aug 072012

Landscape Genetics Graduate Research ProjectTitle: Comparison of Methods for Sampling and Analyzing Spatial Structures in Landscape Genetics
Student: Niko Balkenhol
Department: Fish & Wildlife Resources

Project Summary:

Landscape genetics is a new and interdisciplinary research area that aims at detecting landscape influences on genetic diversity and structure. The number of landscape genetics studies is increasing rapidly, but most of the methods used for analyzing landscape genetic data have not been compared or evaluated.

In our project, we are evaluating the different analytical approaches using simulated data, and develop guidelines for optimal sampling and analysis. We are also analyzing various empirical data sets from Mongolian gazelles & wolves, cougars, etc.

In addition, we are collaborating with faculty members from other departments and colleges in interdisciplinary teaching efforts, and have given several landscape genetics workshops at international conferences.

For more information, email the Principle Investigator (PI): Dr. Lisette Waits

 August 7, 2012