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Aug 082012

Christine MoffittProfessor of Fish Biology
Assistant Unit Leader
Idaho Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit
Fishery Resources

(208) 885-7047


Dr. Christine Moffitt received a BA in Biology from the University of California, MA in Biological Sciences from Smith College, and a PhD in Fisheries Biology from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Christine’s research is focused aquatic fish biology and invasive species in fisheries. She also specializes in invertebrates and how they interact on a generalized scale with spatial tools. more info

CRISSP Research

More specifically, research is currently being conducted on controlling and understanding the risks of New Zealand mudsnails with fish hatchery operations. In addition Christine evaluates the risks of invasive species with barrier removal in streams and rivers.

CRISSP Classes

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Fish 510: Advanced Fish Management

 August 8, 2012
Aug 072012

Title: Exploring Feasibility of Proposed Control Strategies for New Zealand Mud Snails at Fish Hatcheries
Student: Rolita Louise Bruce and Jordan Nielson
Department:Fish & Wildlife Resources

Project summary

The New Zealand mud snail is an invasive species that affects rivers and streams throughout the United States. Fish movement through stocking regimes have been documented as likely vectors of spread through the gut of trout. R. Louse Bruce’s studies indicate that a portion of the New Zealand mud snail could survive transit in the intestinal track of rainbow trout. She found in several sizes of fish that 8-12% of the snails in the fish fecal material were alive and over time the snail survival decreased in the trout gastrointestinal tract.

For more information, email the PI: Dr. Christine Moffitt

New Zealand Mudsnails at hatchery.

New Zealand Mudsnails at hatchery. Photo courtesy of Christine Moffitt.

New Zealand Mudsnail

New Zealand Mudsnail

 August 7, 2012