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Jan 192015

Were you unable to attend any workshops on the details of the 2014 Farm Bill? The following links will allow you view webinars and presentations on the following topics:

ARC/PLS Overview Webinar:

ARC/PLS Overview Presentation (pdf):
ARC-PLC Overview

Estimation Tool Overview:

Decision Tool Overview:


Oct 212014

Critical Deadlines:

Updating Payment Yields and Reallocating Base Acres: February 27, 2015

Program Selection – ARC or PLC: March 31, 2015


Farm Bill Toolbox: Decision-Aid Tools to Help Farmers Analyze Alternatives

2014 Farm Bill Publications and Resources (including webinars and recorded presentations) from the National Ag Risk and Farm Management Library

Photo: Malcolm Carlaw

Links to Specific Topic Publications:

Title I Commodities: Overview for Crops & Frequently Asked Questions

Conservation Title & Beginning Farmer Programs (webinar)

Specialty Crop Provisions

2014 Farm Bill Safety Net

Updating Payment Yields & Reallocating Base Acres

Choosing Between Price Loss Coverage (PLC) and Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC):

Choosing between PLC and ARC by Kent Olson, U of Minn Extension Fact Sheet 3
ARC vs PLC on Wheat, Feedgrains, and Soybeans, by Art Barnaby, Kansas State University



Price Loss Coverage: PLC

Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO)

Questions and Answers for Landlords



Oct 082014

Calculating breakeven prices for marketing calves under various backgrounding scenarios is challenging for several reasons. Purchase price for stockers and selling price for feeders need to be determined for the projected time period. Costs of gain and rates of gain will need to be estimated. This program helps you determine breakeven purchase and selling prices as well as the breakeven cost of gain using budget worksheets for costs of production and stocking rate equations that you can tailor to your own situation. You will generate a personal stocker buy-sell report using these tools. For more information, please download the written description here and the spreadsheet calculator here.