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Aug 132012

herb leaves in a basketAnnual herbs produce foliage, flowers and seed in one season before succumbing to fall frosts. Popular examples include basil, chervil, cilantro and dill. These annual herbs generally require more water and fertilizer than woodier perennials. If allowed to flower and set seed, many annual herbs will re-seed themselves in the garden.

Try putting in several plantings of these herbs to keep your kitchen stocked all summer long.

Annual Herbs
Name of Annual Herb Height/Spread Suitable for Containers? How Propagated* Primary Uses**
Ocimum basilicum
8-24″ x 6-12″ depending on cultivar Yes Seed or cuttings leaves in pesto, salad, pizza, vinegars, teas
Borage officinalis
1-3′ x 12″ No Seed edible flowers, leaves in sandwiches, salads, teas
Chamomile, German
Matricaria recutita
2.5″ x 4-6″ Yes Seed teas, bath herbs, soaps, sachets
Anthriscus cerefolium
2″ x 15″ Yes Seed leaves in salads, soups, butters, sauces, teas
Cilantro (Coriander seed)
Coriandrum sativum
24″ x 18″ Yes Seed leaves in salsa, salads, seeds in meat dishes
Anethum graveolens
5′ x 12″ No Seed salads, breads, soups, pickles, vinegars
(biannual, grow as annual)
Petroselinum crispum
6″ x 2′ Yes Seed garnish, salads, eggs, soups, meats, pesto, vegetable dishes, breads
Summer Savory
Satureja hortensis
18″ x 12″ Yes Seed or cuttings meat rub, soups, salads

* Easy to follow directions for propagating herbs by seed, cuttings or division are found in the University of Missouri Extension Publication Growing Herbs at Home, available free online
**Some information in this table on herb uses provided by Cornell University’s Growing Herbs for the Home Gardener

 August 13, 2012