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Aug 092012

closeup of young lettuce plantsThe Idaho Landscapes and Gardens website continues to evolve as information is updated and new pages are added. The discussion of vegetable gardening previously available on the site was limited and relied on web links to sites from a number of universities around the country. A newly developed page provides comprehensive information developed specifically for the novice or experienced Idaho vegetable gardener. The information given was adapted from the Idaho Master Gardener Handbook and is the best available for gardeners in the state.

Included in the new vegetable production page are discussions of garden planning, soil preparation, production systems, growing practices, managing insects and diseases, harvesting, and storing of your favorite vegetables. You are given access to planting date tables, variety recommendations, and suggestions for growing transplants. This page will teach you how to garden vertically or in containers. Links are provided to access more detailed information about many topics, including vegetable gardening where the seasons are short and cold.

Take advantage of the the information provided to hone your home food productions skills. If you wish, give us feedback, positive or negative, as you use the information.

greenhouse in summer

 August 9, 2012