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Aug 172012

Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle is an attractive tall perennial

Selection of the proper plant species and varieties will determine ultimate success with perennials. One critical characteristic is the ability to survive Idaho’s winters. Also, care must also be taken to choose plants that complement their surroundings and are suitable for the intended purpose. Perennials planted within a single bed should have similar growth and care requirements.

Perennials can be categorized into groups, based on growth characteristics or intended use, making selection easier. Useful groupings include plant dimensions, site conditions (e.g. tolerant of drought, moist, or shade conditions), bloom period, and attractiveness to birds and butterflies.

For additional information, including pictures, designed to provide assistance with selection of perennials, pursue the following links:

Leonard Perry, University of Vermont maintains an outstanding site that provides not only pictures of numerous perennial flowers, but also extensive information on adaptation, landscape uses, pest problems, and maintenance tips.

Heritage Perennials maintains an extensive searchable database of perennials, complete with pictures of many varieties.

 August 17, 2012