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Aug 172012

ornamental grassesWithin the past few years, ornamental grasses have established themselves as fundamental elements in Idaho landscapes. They come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and forms and add flexibility to the creation of unique and attractive environments. Their appeal is not the beauty of flowers, but rather the addition of texture, scale, and line to the landscape. They can add an element of winter beauty that is difficult to obtain with other types of plants. Technically speaking, most ornamental grasses are perennials. However, they are unique with respect to landscape use and maintenance. Consequently, they are discussed separately from other perennials.

Most ornamental grasses are relatively easy to care for. They require very little in the way of fertilizer, and in some cases water inputs. They are a staple in water conserving landscapes. However, there are grasses adapted to virtually every situation, soil type, and climate. They can be used alone as specimens, in mass plantings, naturalized gardens, or in mixed situations with other types of landscape plants.

The information provide here will help guide the process of selecting, planting, and caring for ornamental grasses.

grass sea oats

Image courtesy of Judy Sedbrook

 August 17, 2012