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- Where are U.S. Northern Rockies forests sensitive to climate change effects?
– What forest and water resource changes are anticipated?
– What tools are useful for climate change analyses, communication, and management decisions?


As an interdisciplinary group of graduate students and faculty from the University of Idaho’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and College of Natural Resources, we are conducting new research focused on understanding and communicating the shifts in forest landscapes due to changing climate.  Our research focuses on spatially representing anticipated changes in forest structure and water resources, understanding and communicating uncertainty, and enhancing information exchange between sectors using a variety of tools.

Outreach Goals

    We are conducting a series of 4 individual workshops in the National Forests of the U.S. Northern Rockies.  These workshops are designed to provide cutting edge information about climate change to land and resource managers in the government sector, while also being open to key representatives of local and regional collaboratives.  We plan to perform workshops in early November 2012CLICK HERE for dates and details
  • Develop an Idaho Climate Change Impacts Assessment – CLICK HERE for more details
  • Create and maintain an effective outreach network. Build academic, agency, and collaborative group working relationships
  • Effectively disseminate research products

Research Themes

  • Evaluate the social-ecological sensitivity to local climate change effects in selected forests of the Northern Rockies
  • Evaluate different methodologies for communicating and incorporating scientific research into forest management