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Interactive Climate Change Workshops

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We are conducting new research focused on understanding and communicating the shifts in forest landscapes due to changing climate.  Our research focuses on spatially representing anticipated changes in forest structure and water resources, understanding and communicating uncertainty, and enhancing information exchange between sectors using a variety of tools. We plan to conduct a series of individual workshops near National Forests of the U.S. Northern Rockies.  These workshops are designed to inform, and learn from land and resource managers in the government sector, while also being open for attendance by key representatives of local and regional collaboratives.  The workshops will be held in early November 2012 (see below for specific dates). Each workshop will begin at 9:30 AM, include lunch, and adjourn by 3:30 PM.


Workshop Outline

  • Presentation on historic, multi-scale indicators and impacts of climate change on physical, ecological and social systems
  • Presentation and group deliberation about local-scale projections and uncertainty of climate change and anticipated impacts on future forest structure, wildfire regimes and smoke, and water resources
  • Explore examples of predictive models (e.g., Climate-FVS, Cold Regions Hydrological Model) and discuss their utility in planning
  • Evaluate the utility of workshop tools, communication techniques, and applicability to forest management

Dr Penelope Morgan


Keynote Speaker

Dr. Penelope Morgan
Professor, Department of Forest, Rangeland, and Fire Sciences
Fire Ecology, Fire Management,
Landscape Ecology, and Landscape Dynamics




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Funding for these workshops is provided by the National Science Foundation, USDA/USDOI Joint Fire Science Program, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.