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Download Workshop Materials


Welcome! On this webpage you will be able to view and/or download all of the materials from the November workshops, including the recorded workshop presentation videos, all of the handout materials provided at each workshop, the regional flyover animation videos, and the front-page newspaper articles that covered our workshops in Boise, ID and Missoula, MT. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests. Enjoy!

Recorded Workshop Presentation Videos – these are the live recorded workshop presentations that include narrated PowerPoint presentations and regional flyover animations (Click on each hyperlink below to open the video in a new window). Once the video opens, use the options in the top-right corner of your screen to modify the presentation style (e.g., click the large square if you only want the PowerPoint and audio without the presenter visible).

1  Introduction and background – Jarod Blades

photo credit: Chris Butler, The Idaho Statesman

2  Global Climate Considerations – Zion Klos

3  Regional Climate Considerations: Part I: Climate and Water – Zion Klos

4  Regional Vegetation and Fire Considerations – Kerry Kemp

5  Local Climate & Management: Using stand-level modeling to predict climate change effects on forests (COMING SOON)

6  Conclusion and contact information – Jarod Blades


Handout Materials - these are the handouts that were provided in the participant folders. These contain more details and citations than the powerpoint presentations – so if you need specifics, download these.

1  Global Scale Considerations Handout

2  Regional Climate and Water Resources Handout

3  Regional Vegetation and Fire Handout

4  Climate-Forest Vegetation Simulator Handout


Regional Flyover Animations – these are animated videos and watershed-scale powerpoint slides used during the workshops. Please refer to the workshop video clips for a narrated version of these flyovers.

1  Legend for Data Layers Used in Flyovers

2  Regional Rain-Snow Animated Flyover

3  Watershed Simulations  these slides show rain-snow transition, biome shifts, and backgrounds of elk crucial winter range and lynx habitat.



Glacier National Park. Photo credit: Kerry Kemp

Presentation Powerpoint Slides – these are the presentations from the workshop that provide more of a general overview of the material than the handouts. (NOTE: These slides were created on a Mac, so the formatting might be a little skewed if you are opening the files on a PC)

1 Introduction and Background

2 Global Scale Climate Considerations

3 Regional Climate and Water Resources

4 Regional Vegetation and Fire

5 Local-scale Climate FVS

6 Closing and Contact Info


Newspaper Articles

The Idaho Statesman (Boise, ID)

The Missoulian


Please contact the research team if you have any questions or problems downloading the workshop materials.