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Potato plants in field


University of Idaho Extension
presents the

48th Annual Idaho Potato Conference
and 37th Ag Expo

January 19, 20th & 21st, 2016

Pond Student Union Building, Idaho State University
Pocatello, Idaho
Drs. Pamela J.S. Hutchinson & Phillip Wharton, Co-Chairs


University of Idaho in cooperation with:
The Idaho Potato Commission Idaho Growers-Shippers Association
Idaho State University Association of Commerce and Industry
Spectra Productions Trade Fair Exhibitors
Idaho Center for Potato Research and Education Raw Products Committee of Idaho

  17 Responses to “Home”

  1. Can you please email me information on becoming a vendor?

  2. I was wondering if the schedule for the 2014 classes had been put together yet. I work potatoes in North Dakota and I will be at the event this year for the first time. Anything will help. Thanks!

    Garret Groves-CCA

  3. Can’t wait to attend! I like the mythbusters session, and think that should be done again.

    • Thanks Jeff! We have some great presenters, and that one seems to have been a favorite. I’ll let our chairs know. ;)

  4. Can I get a schedule and registration form? I raise potatoes in Western ND, for processing for fries.
    Thanks, Bill

    • Hey Bill,

      I’ll add you to our mailing list. The newest information I have will be put here on the site and mailed out November 27. We’re in the process of putting the show together at the moment. Hope to see you in January!

  5. Do you have a start time for the first day and end of meeting time on the last day so that I can plan my travel? I would really appreciate it.

  6. thanks!

  7. What is taking place on the January 21st, the first day of the conference? Thanks, Mark

    • The only thing that will be happening on Tuesday the 21st is the Ag Expo at Holt Arena. There is also the Idaho Crop Improvement Seed Seminar that day. If you are interested in attending that, contact Glenda at (208) 522-9198.

      • Thanks, I thought there was something going on that pertained to seed potatoes. I’ve missed it the last couple of years. Thanks for the contact info. Mark

  8. Hi,

    I am needing information for this, I am planning on attending in January 2015 and will be my first time.

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