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You are visiting the Soil Biochemistry and Environmental Organic Chemistry Program at the University of Idaho. This Program, directed by Dr. Matthew J. Morra, is focused on fundamental and applied aspects of topics related to both environmental quality and agriculture. Our research group is using a variety of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques to explore chemical processes relevant to plant-derived allelochemicals, metal biogeochemistry, and the fate of synthetic organics in the environment.



Biopesticides / Plant-Derived Allelochemicals

We have 24 years of experience using mustards
and related plants as a source of natural pesticides.


Heavy metals


Heavy Metal Biochemistry

Heavy metals in sediment of Lake Coeur d’Alene,Idaho
threaten human health and regional ecology.


Pesticide fate in Costa Rica


Pesticide Fate in Costa Rica

See what Best is doing in Costa Rica in her
project on pesticide fate in tropical ecosystems


The projects include both fundamental, laboratory-based research and more applied, field-based studies. Explore the links on this page to find out more about our research program. Students, other researchers, and potential investors should contact Matthew J. Morra for additional information.