From Award-Winning Sausages
to Smoked Prime Rib:

Choose Vandal Brand Meats
When Quality Matters

Vandal Brand Meats front counterThe next time you shop for meat, stop by the best-kept secret on the Palouse: Vandal Brand Meats! Located on the University of Idaho campus, VBM provides an open-to-the-public retail sales outlet for the high-quality meat products generated by activities of the students, staff and faculty of the Department of Animal and Veterinary Science. The sale of these products helps pay for the cost of livestock, supplies, student labor and maintenance of our facilities.

Vandal Brand Meats retail storeLike any local butcher shop we offer a variety of products, nearly all of which are sourced regionally. Check out our beef, dry-aged for tenderness and trimmed to less than a 1/4″. Our holiday hams and other pork products come from market hogs produced here on the Palouse, and our excellent-quality lamb cuts contain a high proportion of lean meat. Our cured and smoked products include several varieties of award-winning sausage, including Shakin’ Bacon Sausage which won first place at the National Meat Association’s Student Cook-off. We make a variety of delicious gift boxes for your convenience. And that Smoked Prime Rib? Just one of the options on our list of specialty items – along with whole cooked Luau pigs and Baron of Beef!

Our meat products are inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).
The FSIS ensures the meat products are from healthy livestock, clean and sanitary handling and processing procedures
are followed and the products are wholesome.